There has never been anything like this

Tadalafil cialis did quite a huge BOOM on the free market since its release last year, when the license of Eli Elle company expired, and the market was suddenly flooded by manufacturers, who dealt with generic cialis, a substitute of Cialis. The only difference between all these pills is zero. They are divided only by branding and different marketing. You might have heard the stories about Tadalafil being even more effective in the battle with erectile dysfunction and you heard right! The compound found in the cialis is far more „stronger“ and „durable“ than any other, since they affect body more than 36 hours! That makes them a leviathan amongst smaller pills. There is always a different dose, which is compatible with duration – larger pill means longer duration and better effect.

Is it safe?

Tadalafil is exactly the same as Sildenafil, they both belong to the same chemical group of inhibitors that make erections hard as a rock. Its safety was tested numerous times and is being tested every day by men all around the globe searching for the BEST pill.

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